Pregnancy – The Inner
Journey Workshop

A three day workshop for women.

Pregnancy – the Inner Journey Workshop is for women – pregnant, wanting and planning to be pregnant, midwives and doulas. Using ritual and art to compliment information sharing we delve into understanding our fears and why we think and act the way we do. We explore the inner journey of pregnancy and come to know ourselves more fully through this process, preparing for birth and mothering from our most in-tune and empowered centre.
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Moonsong Workshop

A two day workshop for women.

We gather together… re-member who we are, to put ourselves back
together in the order and shape that feels right, of our nature, our essence.
We will remember the relevance of our life seasons and the rites of passage
that configure them – the menarche, childbirth and menopause.

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Becoming – a Woman the Workshop

Demystifying the menstrual cycle.

A gathering for girls, pre-menarche (onset of menstruation) or just ‘started’, with their mothers, to demystify the menstrual cycle and to learn through information sharing about the physical and spiritual opportunities inherent in the female cycle.
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Connecting with the Shamanic
Dimensions of Pregnancy

1 day workshop.

This workshop focuses on the shamanic dimensions of pregnancy, in other words: what lay beneath…

With prior preparation contemplating our life experiences, we will do some shamanic processes to understand the origins of our beliefs, attitudes and fears around birth, seeing the connection between how we were born, our menarche (first period) and the stories about the women in our family, as well as any experiences of pregnancy and giving birth we have had so far.

Then a Letting Go of Fear process and fire ritual and a shamanic drum journey to meet the baby, soul baby or Inner Goddess, to seek guidance, clarity, information etc.
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