Everything goes through cycles, everything. And every cycle is reflected in every other cycle, they are the same, just different speeds.

Sun cycle – day and night, 24 hours
Menstrual cycle – 28 days (average)
Lunation cycle or moon phases – 29.5 days
Earth seasons – a year, 365 days
Vegetation cycle – a year, 365 days
Life seasons – a lifetime

Birth, growth, full bloom, harvest, decay, death, rebirth…

• of the sun
• of a woman’s fertility
• of the moon
• of the plants and animals
• of a life.

Even each process has a cycle. Anything that has a ‘life’ has a cycle, and by understanding the cycle, the wisdom inherent within a cycle, one can be with ‘what is’ and flow with that energy rather than incur the problems of not doing so.

How can I connect to this wisdom?
Chart your own cycle.
Charting your menstrual cycle takes you on the journey to the wisdom of the cycles.
Charting your menstrual cycles gives you a key to understanding why you feel the way you do on any particular day.
Charting your menstrual cycle would be one of the main instructions in a Woman’s Body – Owner’s Manual if there was one.
Charting your menstrual cycle is easy and illuminating.
You come to see the patterns of your energy levels, your creativity, your appetite and cravings, your libido, your moods. Knowing these patterns allows you to more easily ‘go with the flow’ – that is the flow of your own cycle and the other cycles – the moon phase, earth season and life season you are in, as these all effect us in major ways.
When you have this information you can plan your daily life around what you know will be so, ‘swimming’ with the currents rather than against them.

Knowing one cycle, you know them all.

Jane Hardwicke Collings, Midwife, has produced a ‘how to chart your cycle and journal for a year’ called- Thirteen Moons and The Spinning Wheels – an informative and unique tool that gives you information about the influence of the Earth’s seasons, your life season, the moon phase and your menstrual cycle on any given day.


Spinning Wheels & Thirteen Moons

A woman’s ‘ready reckoner’ and
menstrual-charting handbook.

Spinning Wheels –
The ‘ready reckoner’ of the four main cycles that effect you everyday.
See why you feel the way you do as you understand the influence of the moon phase, the earth season, your life season and your menstrual cycle day.

Thirteen Moons –
How-to chart your menstrual cycle handbook and journal.

Buy Now $55


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