Pregnancy – The Inner Journey


Pregnancy – The Inner Journey Workshop



Birth is a sacred act, an experience that has far reaching consequences and effects on the newborn, the Mother and the whole family.
Birth is a rite of passage and by its very nature it provides the way in for a woman to know her inner strength and inner knowing – vital ingredients for mothering.
Mothers are gifted through birth not only with their beautiful babies but with a new look at their Divine selves.
Birth teaches us where we’re at with the fundamentals of life such as surrender, letting go and trust.
The best preparation for birth is a conscious pregnancy,
spending time contemplating and updating your inner beliefs and attitudes, and connecting with your baby inside you, hearing the voices feeling the feelings, seeing the visions all the while developing your natural mothering essence.

Jane Hardwicke Collings

Pregnancy – The Inner Journey Workshop is a three day workshop for women – pregnant, wanting and planning to be pregnant, midwives and doulas. Using ritual and art to compliment information sharing we delve into understanding our fears and why we think and act the way we do. We explore the inner journey of pregnancy and come to know ourselves more fully through this process, preparing for birth and mothering from our most in-tune and empowered centre. We look deeply at our own births, participate in a letting go of fear fire ritual, dialogue on the sexuality and spirituality of pregnancy, birth and mothering, learn meditation, tools for labour and beautiful rituals to perform to honour pregnancy, birth and mothering. We invoke the ancient Birth Goddesses as our foremothers did, for their guidance, nurturance, protection and support. We do what women have been doing together longer than they haven’t – sit together in support of each other sharing our innate wisdom focusing on the beauty and strength of Mother.

Topics to be covered:

Connecting with your baby.

Our society’s current dominant perspective of birth and how that affects us all.

Dispelling (De-spelling) popular myths about pregnancy and birth.

Meditation as preparation for childbirth.

The Sexuality of pregnancy and birth.

What to expect in labour and ways to prepare.

The role of the pain of labour, how to flow with it and ways to minimise it.

Rituals to honour the sacred-ness of pregnancy and birth.

Connecting with your innate body wisdom.

A shamanic drum journey (guided meditation to the beat of the drum) to connect with your baby.


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