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Placenta Humanum

The traditional medicine of many indigenous cultures recognizes and values the healing potential of the placenta. It is prepared and used in a variety of ways to benefit both mother and child, for example Traditional Chinese Medicine dries the placenta for later use as a medicine.
The placenta is also used in homeopathic medicine as a remedy. Original research into the placental remedy, Placenta humanum, has indicated its benefit in the treatment of conditions where the child’s immune system has failed to respond effectively to a challenge or illness. If the remedy is prepared from the child’s own placenta, it provides an added individualized boost to overcome the child’s own particular inherited tendencies.
Placenta humanum was homeopathically proven in Wales by Biggs and Gwillum in 2000 in order to identify its therapeutic actions and indications for clinical use.



Making a Homeopathic
Remedy From Your Placenta

Jane Hardwicke Collings.


If you need any assistance in the meantime contact:
Homoeopath Linlee Jordan    Midwife Jane Collings

Five years ago, pregnant April Love, homebirth Mum, asked me about using the placenta to make a remedy for her baby.
I didn’t know anything about it, so during April’s pregnancy we both researched it and came up with the recipe (see following).
And our research revealed that human placenta as a remedy had been created and had a “proving” by a group of homeopaths in Wales in 2000. The two women who headed that research, Kathy Biggs and Linda Gwillum, have written a book about this remedy – Placenta Humanum.
I shall include some case studies of theirs from the pdf file using placenta humanum as a remedy, they are very interesting.
Our theory is, that having a remedy at hand for your baby that is made from her/his placenta is like having a bit of a magic potion for the baby. A remedy to use at times of illness, shock, transition or change and when you intuitively feel to. You will see also from the homeopath’s case studies that is used for others as well.


“Homeopathic remedies work on the theory that like cures like, ie that a substance which has the ability to cause certain symptoms to appear when taken in large doses also has the ability to remove those same symptoms when taken in minute doses. “- Healing Your Child by Frances and Louise Darragh.
“Homeopathy’s major concern is stimulation of the individual’s overall response and a more balanced functioning of the internal organs, to build up vitality and reserves.” Understanding Homeopathy by Dr Trevor Smith.


Following are some mother’s experiences
with making and using their placental remedies.

Kath Dumas, Herbalist, Homebirth Mum 2007

 I felt it was important for both Mark and I to be a part of choosing the piece of placenta that would be used for Grace’s placental remedy.
I looked over the placenta very carefully then walked away. Mark then looked over it and when I returned to the kitchen, it just so happened that we had chosen the same piece.
It was a very special moment, we lit a candle, then stood quietly for a few moments putting all of our intentions for Grace into the piece of placenta.
The placenta was then placed into a jar with brandy and put into a dark cool place for the next 7 days.
The second stage of making the remedy was done with our midwife Jane.
I took out .5 ml of the brandy from the jar with the placenta then added that to another 50 ml’s of brandy and sucussed the jar 100 times again with all of my thoughts and intentions for Grace.
This is a sacred lifetime gift for Grace as there will be times in her life where she will be challenged or out of balance and this remedy, her own remedy, will always be there to help her regain that equilibrium.
How sacred is that!!!!!!

April Love Homebirth Mum 2007

 I found the remedy easy to make and took the Mother Tincture to a 6C to use.
In my experience the placental remedy helps to harmonize the child as it is their ‘real’ constitutional remedy, it is the essence of them. An example – Mimi had been sick on and off for a long time – 3 months (from 1 year to 15 months old). She had a chronic ear ache, runny nose, sore throat and cough. I had tried a whole heap of other remedies for each symptom and nothing really worked. When I finally gave Mimi her placental remedy it seemed to reset her personality and she was over the symptoms very quickly. Within a few days she was completely better. I gave the remedy to Iris, Mimi’s older sister (for whom I had not made a remedy using her own placenta) a few times when she was having a reaction to the food chemical salicylate. She was in the moment wild with anger and aggression and the remedy settled her explosive physical symptoms. The remedy feels like it works in a strong way in a reset like capacity.

Catherine Wernick Homebirth Mum 2007

 I used Oisin’s placental remedy on him at 14 weeks of age after he slipped out of the bottom of the pram (cringe!), he landed on his bottom and fell forward onto his forehead. He was crying and I rubbed some of the remedy on his wrist and other pulse points and he stopped crying immediately. Oisin had four febrile convulsions from 15 months to 2 1/2 years old and I used the placental remedy on him and me in place of rescue remedy. I think it is his personalized DNA linked rescue remedy, is holds the blueprint of his essence, his make up, his being, his soul. I think it rebalances him after he’s had a traumatic experience. When I took it, it made me feel more linked to his experience and I felt like, as was my intention, that it diffused his trauma. It feels like giving him the remedy makes his world safe again, en-wombs him. For me, the purpose of the remedy is to provide again the safety and nurturance that was the sustenance and experience of the first part of his life in my womb, to provide a return to that.

SaraJane McPhail Homebirth Mum

 I have a placental remedy of 12C from my 5th child, Caspar. Mostly I’ve used it as a last resort after using specific remedies for specific symptoms or if I’ve felt called to because here’s an emotional issue as well as physical and it shifts within 24 hours. I’ve used the remedy on his little brother as well with the same results.

Cases from Placenta Humanum
by Kathy Biggs and Linda Gwillum

Case 1

 Female, aged 50, suffering from breast cancer. She had done well on Calc.Carb. and Carc. in the past but, it was when she started to talk about her soft pink belly and having to go back to the womb to discover who she was and why she had cancer, that I began to think of Placenta for her. A month after a single dose of Placenta 40 she bounced into my consulting room telling me that she had found herself. She has now gone abroad to write a book about her experiences, in remission from cancer.

Case 2

 Another case which used ‘placenta language’ – a female who talked about going back to a time before speech, to a place between two worlds. She talked about “chewed string” (umbilical cord) and a feeling of disconnection in the territory of her mother. This patient suffered from enlarged heart and chronic breathing problems and has responded well to the remedy.

Case 3

 A female patient, who had previously been responding well to Staph., recorded the following after having taken Placenta 40. (Remedy self prescribed after hearing about Placenta) “A lot of symptoms came and went very quickly, aching joints, swollen glands. Periods regulated for the first time in years with, unusually, no pain and no PMT. The continual discharge of milk from the right breast stopped. Energy and motivation increased. Feeling a lot more spiritual.” Things have become much more in flow due mostly to her change in attitude. Most importantly, closer and happier with her children.

Case 4

 A female who had been suffering from M.E. after a traumatic removal of the placenta after the birth of her daughter 12 years ago. After the remedy she experienced abdominal pulling and tugging sensations for several days. Her sexual energy increased substantially, her sleep improved (with dreams of babies) and she wanted to wear burgundy clothes. A striking symptom after the remedy was the conviction that her mother was not her mother – on investigation she found this not to be true and thought this had stemmed from ‘a need to know myself’. She was left with a huge improvement in her M.E., increased sexual energy and a general sense of wellbeing.

Case 5

This was the case of a 9 year old autistic boy who had responded only slightly to remedies in the past. He basically lived in a world of his own, not really contacting anybody. The only thing he ever really responded to was his favorite tape – that of a heart beat! My feeling was that he had never really been born into this world but had one foot in this world and one in another. He was separate and “spacey”. I gave Placenta 40 on these symptoms alone. On his next follow up he was much more present and more content with himself but the most exciting change was that he was slowly starting to make eye contact.

Case 6

 This was the baby who’s placenta was used for the proving. The mother was very keen for me to try giving the baby Placenta 40 when she developed a chronic eye, nose and chest infection. It wasn’t of too serious a nature but had been lingering for over a week. After being given one dose of the remedy the symptoms cleared within 24 hours and the mother described the baby as “blossoming – unfolding and growing into her body”. The mother is more than happy to see if Placenta will continue to be a useful remedy as an individual prescription for this baby. Also other mothers in the area are keen to see if a remedy made from their future placentas will help their individual babies constitutionally. This could lead to some very interesting research!




Making a placental remedy and Lotus birth


It is possible to do a Lotus Birth and still make a remedy from your placenta. You just need to take a little bit of the placenta before you salt it or before it starts to decompose. For some people this may discount the effects of the Lotus Birth as the placenta is not totally complete, but for others they way up the benefits of each ‘procedure’ and choose to do both.


On making a placental remedy with a salted placenta:

if you make a remedy from the placenta after it has separated and dried (no matter how un-salt encrusted it is) it will be a different remedy. Certainly still a very useful remedy. It would have different indications. You wouldn’t think that there would be that much difference but there is.

The remedy made from a lotus placenta even if it hardly had any salt on the area would be more rightly called Placenta cum natrum muriaticum and it would have very similar indications but the difference being a stronger added layer of: increased thirst, desire for salty food not sweet, clear runny nose and sneezing at the start of a cold, tendency to cold sores, and the emotions to go with it would be something feeling like unresolved grieving


Making a Placental Remedy from a frozen placenta

If you have been storing your placenta in the freezer (it doesn’t matter how long it has been in the freezer), you can still make a placental remedy from it.

Simply thaw the placenta and choose the piece to use to start making the remedy as per the recipe.


Storage of Remedy

To keep the remedy long term, it is stored in brandy. Brandy acts like a natural preservative. Store in the dark.



When the remedy is needed to be given as a treatment, as a dose in the mouth, then you need one third brandy to 2 thirds water.

Add 10 drops of the stored placenta remedy to a half cup of water . This is then the right strength ready to give as a dose. One teaspoon of this mixture is enough to be given as a dose and you can give a dose morning and night for a few days out of this half cup. Stir the mixture in between each dose. You would get a lot a doses out of this cup before having to throw it out at the end of treatment. If you put the remedy in a dropper bottle the expiry date would be one year and the mixture needs to be one third brandy and two thirds water (that amount of brandy acts like a preservative)- if you are putting it into a half a cup of water that is for immediate use in the next few days. From a dropper bottle one dose is 5 drops.




The Recipe


When I am with a family and we are starting the process of making the remedy,
I always say what was said to me, and that is –

When you start this process you unlock
the healing powers of placenta.

This may be felt in a huge variety of individual ways.

Select a piece of the placenta

Quite your mind and feel into which is the right piece to choose, just tear it off rather than using a knife or scissors. Choose a piece about the size of a match head.


Add the placenta to the brandy

Say a piece of placenta the size of a match head to 90 mls of Brandy.
(You can use Brandy, whisky, vodka, ethanol etc)
Sit for 3 days, or longer (in a brown glass bottle or a covered bottle/jar in a cool, dark place)
Use 1 drop of this mixture and add to 99 drops of brandy

Discard original mixture with the placenta in it.

Succuss 100 times

Put mixture in a well sealed glass bottle and bash firmly against a phonebook (or the palm of your hand) 100 times, be focused on your task.

This now creates the 1C MOTHER TINCTURE.

The 1C Mother Tincture

To prepare 5C, make 2C from 1C by:
Use 1 part of 1C and add to 99 parts brandy
Succuss 100 times = 2C
Use 1 part of 2C and add to 99 parts brandy< /p>
Succuss 100 times = 3C
Use 1 part of 3C and add to 99 parts brandy
Succuss 100 times = 4C
Use 1 part of 4C and add to 99 parts brandy
Succuss 100 times = 5C
Use 1 part of 5C and add to 99 parts brandy
Succuss 100 times = 6C

5 drops = one dose



This will be a constitutional remedy for the baby throughout her/his life. It could be used for many/any constitutional or unusual ailments (except) when specific remedy is appropriate eg arnica for bruising).
The placenta contains stem cells so this remedy will be a very good immune remedy.
The placenta contains all one’s strengths and weakness so treating the individual with this remedy will provide balance when there is imbalance.

Click here for a print version of the recipe.


The creation, administration and dosage of the Homoeopathic Placental Remedy is something that each family must take complete responsibility for.
We act here at this website simply as information disseminators and collectors.
We offer all this to the best of our ability without prescription or advocation.
You the parent choosing to create the remedy must do so at your own risk, in other words, take full responsibility for your actions.

The creation of the remedy may be done in consultation with a Homoeopath or even by the Homoeopath.
In preparing the remedy you must practice sterile techniques and follow each direction properly.
Any deviation from the recipe on this web site, may not produce the remedy described and therefore not provide the benefit.


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