Moon and Astrology



Moon Connection
For almost anything moon related including a Moon phases calendar that allows you to find moon phases both past and future.

Moon Diary Products
Moon Diary Products provide you with tools to support your journey of  honouring the body and    synchronising with natural cycles including those of the Moon and the Seasons . Using these lovingly created tools  will guide you to experience the power and expression of the Sacred Feminine.




Persia Wildwood – Astrology of the Moon
Personal astrological readings focusing on the meaning of the Moon in the birth chart, giving insights into the emotional and security needs and nature of the woman as well as the lunar fertile time. Persia personally calculates and prepares your Astrology of the Moon Interpretation. She combines keen insight as an Astrologer with her gifts as a wordsmith to bring the qualities of your Natal Moon to life in a way that will both inform and inspire you.

Mikailah is a Creative Visionary & Astrologer of Women’s Sacred Mysteries. Her passion is celebrating the Wild Feminine through the fusion of nature with the cosmic cycles of the earth, moon & stars.  In her work, Mikailah creates a place of dark beauty to support women in exploring their unique and individual callings. Private consultations are offered in-person or by long-distance.

Demetra George
Internationally recognised Astrologer and Author of Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess.

New Dawn Astrology
Babula Clement is an inspired spiritual astrologer. Her passion is the inner journey home to the light of truth and love within, and the transformation of Mother Earth to Her true state as a living paradise for all humanity. We are on the cusp of a powerful birth and our deepest understanding and embodiment of the Feminine is key.  Babula specialises in working with the Feminine principles in the Birthchart, in particular the Black Moon Lilith.   After centuries of denial, repression and pain, the Feminine is arising and flowering in all her radiant power, depth, beauty and love. Babula offers readings in person in Brisbane, by phone and Skype and teaches ongoing astrology courses. She also teaches a powerful sacred movement meditation: The Form Reality Practice.


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