Goddess Association in Australia (GAIA)
An incorporated, not-for-profit organisation that addresses the growing needs of Goddess-centred spirituality in Australia and provides information and networks for Goddess communities and events. We are committed to educating the wider community about Goddess and aim to celebrate our sacred journey and role in society through hosting the annual Australian Goddess Conference.

Pomegranate Grove – Sacred Mystery School
Patricia Corner; Ordained High Priestess and Teacher of Goddess Lore

Lucy Cavendish
Australian based Lucy is a natural white witch who works with the terrestrial and celestial realms. She is an author, workshop presenter, conference speaker and founding member of GAIA.

PaGaian Cosmology
Celebrating Goddess in the seasonal wheel of the year, linked to story of the unfolding Cosmos … Glenys Livingstone’s book and articles.
On-line course for both hemispheres, ritual dates, videos and more:

Lunation Online – Hollie B.
Australian Witch and Ceremony Woman Hollie B’s online Spellcraft store – make your own magick!

Jane Meredith
Jane is a Writer and Australian Priestess of the Goddess who works with ritual and myth for healing, empowerment and celebration.

Gaia’s Garden
A wonderful location in Kew East, Victoria which contains a sacred ceremonial space, labyrinth and meditation spaces. We conduct workshops and study circles as well as allowing for small groups and individuals to privately use the spaces by negotiation.

Anique Radiant Heart
Songtress of the Goddess

Australian Reclaiming Community
An eclectic pagan collective. We walk an environmental earth path, explore magical activism and have a strong community focus.


Starhawk; Author of many works celebrating the Goddess movement and Earth-based, feminist spirituality, Peace, environmental, and global justice activist and trainer, permaculture designer and teacher, Pagan and Witch.

Z Budapest
Author and Founder of the Dianic WiccanTradition and the Women’s Spirituality Movement, Z has powerfully influenced many of the future teachers and writers about the Goddess for many years.

Kathy Jones
Priestess of Avalon, Author, Priestess Trainer and Initiator. Kathy leads annual Goddess Retreats to sacred sites around the world and is the organiser of the annual Glastonbury Goddess Conference.

Glastonbury Goddess Temple

Glastonbury Goddess Conference

Marija Gimbutas
Archaeologist of the Goddess


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