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Moonsong Seasonal Newsletter

Northern & Southern Hemispheres

Information and articles written by Jane Hardwicke Collings

Seasonal content includes:

Information about the Season
Spiritual Practice
Suggested Ceremony
Upcoming Workshops


Congratulations Jane – the newsletter is just beautiful – Thank you for all that you bring and give to so many of us.
It is so much appreciated – and like gold.





A Womanifesto.


Everyone needs to know this information.

That’s what folk who read this say. So that’s why we’re giving it away. Spread the word, pass it on. In the process we can be part of the healing.



“I wrote the Herstory about ten years ago as the first thing I would read out at the Moonsong workshops I was giving. As a homebirth midwife I was aware of a lot of the info in the Herstory but as I delved deeper and put all the information together, the fuller story and the obvious impact emerged.
My dear friend’s daughter, Leia, who came to that first Moonsong workshop, asked me if she could have a copy of the Herstory to send to all her friends. At 19, Leia wanted everyone to know about this, she felt it was the missing information that explained so many things. Together, and with the support of many of my friends, we had little booklets of the Herstory printed up and put them in cafes, restaurants, shops, universities, everywhere where free media was distributed. Over the years the Herstory has helped many folk make a bit more sense of why things are the way they are and why they feel the way they feel.”

Jane Hardwicke Collings





A Shamanic Drum Journey

– into your womb to meet your inner goddess

A ten minute Shamanic drumming session for you to travel to your womb and meet your Inner Goddess and access your inner wisdom.



Women’s Mysteries Teacher Circle


A seasonal women’s mysteries teacher circle e-journal with contributors from around the world.

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