Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy

A one day workshop

for women, pregnant or planning to be, and birthworkers.

With Jane Hardwicke Collings

and Graduate Teachers

Melinda Whyman, Liz Maloney, Lee-yoni Miakoda, Laura Howard, Kristan Lee Read, Talulah Gough,
Marie-Louise Lapeyre, Evonne WylieSequoia Krop & Grace Funk


This workshop focuses on the shamanic dimensions of pregnancy,
in other words: what lies beneath…

With prior preparation contemplating our life experiences, we will undertake some shamanic processes to understand the origins of our beliefs, attitudes and fears around birth.

We will weave the connections between how we were born, our menarche (first period) and the stories of the women in our family, as well as any experiences of pregnancy and giving birth we have had so far.  Every pregnancy ends in a birth…

We will enter into a Letting Go of Fear process and fire ritual and a shamanic drum journey to meet our baby, soul-baby, creative project or Inner Goddess, to seek guidance, clarity and information.

This workshop is for all women. You don’t have to be pregnant or planning to be and there is no prior experience necessary.


*Bring a cushion to sit on, a wrap, your journal and a pen.



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