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Early Winter Musings 2011

I sat with a room full of women, educators, doulas, and midwives, attending the Capers workshop day with Michel Odent and Sara Wickham. Michel Odent said that in the history of childbirth, right now, the current situation is, that childbirth is at the bottom of the abyss. That at the level of the planet, the number of women birthing their babies and their placentas due to their own hormones, is approaching zero. That recent data examining all styles of care and all places of birth, suggests that modern birth is more and more difficult. Even with planned homebirths and midwifery care, transfer rates and intervention are increasing. read more

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An excerpt from the Changing Woman chapter from my forthcoming book “Birthing With the Goddess”

Autumn 2009

The Legend of Changing Woman
There are many tribes of Native American people. There are common threads in their creation stories and also differences. One of the shared beliefs of the tribes centres around Changing Woman. Although She has many different names and is not a Goddess in the same way that say the Greeks and Romans thought of Goddesses, She is a feminine ‘deity’, She is the Earth. read more


My daughter, Ellie, seventeen at the time, came home from school one day telling me about a conversation that had happened in her art class. One of her friends asked the teacher about childbirth, “does it really hurt?”. She replied “I don’t know, epidural all the way for me.” Ellie, herself homeborn, asked me “Mum, what’s the point of natural childbirth?” read more

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Pregnancy is a time when a woman is more naturally in touch with her body and her innerself.
Introducing a meditation practise can enhance the experience by creating a “way in” to her mind’s inner sanctum, she can then see deeper than her mind’s chatter and fears and connect with her calm inner core. read more

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Ecstatic means to stand outside oneself, this means to be in an other than usual state of consciousness.

The blueprint for childbirth – the hormonal design – is for an experience of an altered state of consciousness, that has as part of its condition, less or no pain.
This blueprint includes a mind-space of total focus, trust and knowing and a deep connection with the baby.
To give birth according to her cellular imperative a woman must be undisturbed, cared for and supported by trusting attendants in the right environment, not told what to do and not directed to according to a clock. read more

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