Menstruation, conception, pregnancy, birth and menopause are shamanic experiences. These monumental life experiences are served well by this understanding. Shamanic Womancraft is the practice of facilitating this journey. read more

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April 2012

We’re sitting in the kitchen together at a country property near Melbourne in Australia, about to start my ‘Moonsong Workshop – Reclaiming Feminine Wisdom Through Reconnection With the Women’s Mysteries’. More women are arriving, we will start by smudging each other, ‘cleansing’ ourselves with the smoke of sage to remove any negative energy, and will then sit around the circle according to where we are in our cycle, aligning with the directions around the wheel making a mandala with ourselves that tells the story of the wisdom of the cycles. read more


Spring 2012

Spring is here and its such a beautiful feeling to be really amongst it. The birds are chirping, the blossoms are smelling so sweet and the days are getting longer and warmer…. read more

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Honouring Our Premenstrum and Bleeding Time
Understanding the Magick Inherent in the Winter of Our Menstrual Cycle

Winter 2008

“Preparing for the descent, I recognise my patterns. Of course that’s the point. I’ve gotten better at this over years, taking less heads now and seeing it for what it is. There’s no avoiding it and so the choice is whether I take the path inward and down with awareness or not.” read more

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Honouring the bleeding time of the menstrual cycle.

Moonlodge is the Native American name for the special place that women gathered together or went to alone, for peace and tranquillity during the bleeding time of their cycle. Another name for a similar sacred women only space is the Red Tent. read more

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Autumn 2013

I’ve been reading the Herstory over and over recently and as I say when I read it out at my Moonsong workshop, if you have heard it or read it before, when you do so again and again, the next layer is revealed to you… and so as the next layer reveals itself to me this time, I hear again but with more relevance – read more


Winter 2012

I’m deep in this dance, sometimes it’s a dance of flow, sometimes it’s feels like an obstacle course.
The heat is on! I am transforming, shedding my skin. I know what’s possible here, I know what’s at stake, what’s to lose and what’s to gain, and that there’s no control, no matter what. Again at the Altar I am, and nothing short of surrender is required of me. read more


And other important questions…..

Autumn 2012

I sit to write for the Autumn Newsletter, to do as one does, or has the opportunity to do, at this time of the year, of reviewing one’s harvest… and the big question: has my growing, my metaphoric gardening technique/s yielded a bounty-full harvest? What went right? What went wrong? Will I be able to sustain myself/us during the winter ahead? read more

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Autumn 2011

There’s a lot of life enhancing wisdom shared at the Moonsong workshops, and one of my favourites, because its so close to my experience, is the awareness of the autumn season of our lives. The freedom and direction, not mutually exclusive terms!, that this information enables for a woman can be life changing. read more

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