Autumn Woman Harvest Queen – Menopause workshop



Peri-Menopause and Menopause are a significant rite of passage in a woman’s life…
both feared and misunderstood…


As our fertility wanes we move from the Summer season of our lives to the Autumn.

This is a time to claim and be with for all that it offers us as we shift into our wise woman years.


After Mother, before Crone…
is the time of the Maga
– the Matriarch, the Enchantress, the Harvest Queen…



How do we harvest the richness of our lives in our Autumn life season?

We will explore the treasures of this season – the harvest, the joys and the responsibilities.

We will join together to reclaim this time in our lives for the gift it is for all our relations.

With information sharing and experiential processes in circle and pairs, Jane Hardwicke Collings will facilitate a day-long gathering for women seeking information about the menopause rite of passage, the life season of Maga, and how to make sense of it all in your own life.



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