Sharon McLeod – Artist
Beautiful esoteric works of art including Goddesses, Faeries, Gnomes, Mermaids and more. Sharon’s gorgeous Goddess images are featured in my upcoming book Birthing with the Goddess.

Chrissy Butler – Artist
Gorgeous whimsical artwork exploring Pregnancy, Homebirth, Motherhood, Family and Life.

Nirvana Inspirations
In many years of meditation and energetic healing, the strongest inspiration that
I have received is this one line…
“All that is in this life, will blossom and bloom in the light of love”.
I believe that this idea is absolutely true and I endeavour through my art to inspire you to find the love you have for yourself and for all who cross your path.

Astrological Datebooks, Calendars, and Cards – Featuring Art and Writing by Women

Helen Redman – Artist
A visual and written exploration of what it is to be a woman from pregnancy and motherhood to maturity and into the archetype of the Crone-ancient wise woman, sorceress, and elder.

Monica Sjoo
Artist, Writer and one of the early visionaries of the Goddess movement.

The Art of Durga Yael Bernhard
Durga’s artwork explores both personal and archetypal imagery through contemporary techniques. Her themes include birth and mothering, healing and transformation, animals and nature, family and community, myth and dream, ritual, prayer – and more.


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